It's time to Let Britain Fly.

Before the next general election we urge the three main party leaders to immediately acknowledge the need for more air capacity, commit to finding a cross-party solution to modernise our airport infrastructure; and in their manifestos commit to be guided by what the Airports Commission recommends for the long-term; pledging to maintain, protect and enhance Britain’s status as a global aviation hub.

It’s time to Let Britain Fly.

Our Parliamentary Supporters

Ahead of the general election, the following parliamentarians have signed up in support of a quick decision on airports expansion guided by the Airports Commission’s final recommendations.

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I’m not blind to the need to increase airport capacity, particularly in   the south-east…We need to retain our status as a key global hub for air travel, not just a feeder route to bigger airports elsewhere, in Frankfurt, Amsterdam or Dubai.
David Cameron, 12 March 2012