Paul Mansi: 'The procrastination needs to stop'

Paul Mansi, Chief Operating Officer at Radisson Edwardian Group, explains the importance of excellent international air links to the hospitality industry, which is the fifth largest sector of the UK’s economy.

David Sleath: 'Failure to expand air capacity will constrain growth'

David Sleath, CEO of SEGRO, discusses why excellent international air links are vital to the health of the UK economy and asks politicians to stop dithering and Let Britain Fly.

Michael Ward: 'London desperately needs capacity'

Michael Ward, Managing Director of Harrods, tells Let Britain Fly why direct flights to emerging market destinations are vital to the economy of London and the UK as a whole.

Alex Forbes: 'Make a decision as soon as possible'

Alex Forbes, Chief Operating Officer at Alpha LSG, tells Let Britain Fly about how the UK’s excellent international connectivity allows the business to support jobs in 17 different locations around the country.

Anthony Hooey: 'We're years behind'

Anthony Hooey, Owner and Chairman of Signet International, discusses how maintaining excellent air links is essential for the UK to remain competitive internationally.

Gary Kendall: 'We're moving jobs and opportunity out of this country'

Gary Kendall, Commercial Director of CFL Couriers, tells Let Britain Fly how the UK is falling behind other European countries in terms of international air connectivity and competitiveness.

Louis Kunzig: 'We need to be able to expand'

Louis Kunzig, Managing Director of Sciaky, tells Let Britain Fly why great international air links from London’s airports are essential to allow UK businesses to compete globally.

Steve Buckerfield: 'We're behind where we need to be'

Steve Buckerfield, UK Managing Director of Toll Global Freight Forwarding, tells Let Britain Fly how delaying a decision on airport capacity is limiting the country’s long-term prosperity.

Louis Kunzig: We need air links to build international relationships

Louis Kunzig, Managing Director of Sciaky, discusses why UK businesses need excellent air links to build and maintain personal relationships with international trading partners.

Let Britain Fly: A Safety Guide to Securing Britain's Aviation Future

Britain is seen by some as just a small island, but this small island has a history as one of the best connected countries in the world.